Cosy Club Derby

Cute, whimsical and very vintage.

I’m looking forward to trying the food here…



2Q festival // Derby

 Scribble Victory at The Hairy Dog

(Great way to start the day)

Replica Jesus at The Old Bell Hotel

(Will be looking out for these guys they are awesome) 

Phattfoxx at The Venue

(Amazing Derby band, expecting big things from these lot) 

D.I.D at The Venue


We are the Ocean at The Hairy Dog

(Last band of the day but had some seriously crazy energy)

Other random snaps from the day


This was the first time 2Q had taken place in Derby and it all seemed to go off pretty damn well.

My only gripe of the day was not one of the venues where selling any food and everyone was starving/or very drunk! With most of the venues having outside areas could they have not have had a fast food truck or with Derby city centre having more take away spent square mile than any other city could the not have teamed up and got one of them to open during the day?

Apart from that the day was full of laughs, drinks, a little bit of rain and a lot of good music!

Tickets for next year have already gone on sale.

London Town 2K16

St. Patrick’s day parade 

Voodoo Ray’s Pizza with Beavertown beer 

Easily the best pizza in the whole of London.

Stupidly glad I can get this beer back home.

Taco Tuesday’s 

V&A Children’s museum 

Rainbow beigel’s and graffiti on brick lane

Everything else…


Black dress/Red dress

Like most people I enjoy a good bank holiday but unlike most people I usually have to work straight through them.These mysterious extra chill days have eluded me for at least a year now but finally I’m now in a job where I get them off (hallelujah).

I get that exited by the prospect of an actual night out compared to just a few quick drinks after work that I usually started planning and prepping a whole week early.
Now even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes I always feel like I have nothing to wear so usually end up taking myself shopping.

I don’t really know quite what I want when I go shopping for a night out but I do know two things for certain;

It will be a dress.

It will be black.

I don’t have a problem with colour, I have a problem with colour on me.

I just don’t like it.
The idea of a print or a pattern (unless it’s stripes) horrifies me to the point of a nervous breakdown.
No matter what I’m shopping for I always look at black first, closely followed by grey/navy/white.
I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning and always prefer to be faced with a neutral pallet to speed things along. My friends call me boring but I like to think of it as simplistic.

On this note, I set myself a challenge last bank holiday to try and find a coloured dress to shock my friends and break my no colour rule (cue sweaty palms and heart palpitations in Topshop).

After much debating, three coffee breaks and nearly shedding a tear in Zara’s changing rooms I found a dress I didn’t half mind.

My first thought was “this would be so much better in black”.

It was a mid length, bodycon dress with a rather low neckline for me from Miss Selfridges. And it was red, a colour at last!

I took myself off home with a massive smile on my face, unbelievably proud of my accomplishment. Me, with a wardrobe a goth would be proud of, had a dress that was red.

On the actual night of the bank holiday I spent longer than usual getting ready and walked out the door thinking I actually looked pretty damn good.

I spent the whole night panicking that everyone was staring at me and my very colourful red dress and could barley relax. Irrational anxiety? Yes most definitely but it taught me a very important lesson.


Not to me at least.

My love for a dark neutral pallet might be a safe bet but it keeps me damn happy.

I have colourful bags and shoes, they are my ‘fun’ things when it comes to getting dressed.

With my clothes, give me a blackout.