Parks are made for sunshine 



Familiar surroundings

I sit here and look at my familiar surroundings.

Kitchen window to my left, garden followed my a main road right in front of me.

I shouldn’t be sat here drinking red wine on my own, its too late. But there is something comforting about the sound of the cars from the main road at the bottom of the garden and the dull but recognisable noise of my house mate playing his guitar seeping from the front room.

Everything about this scenario is wrong, but deeply comforting, and the ciggeret smoke passes. In from my lungs and out through my mouth.

Today was a good day. Nothing special happened.

Even the company of strangers seeks to have an impact on me now.

Now I am dull from the wine and the world is ok again.

But tomorrow I’ll wake up knowing that the day before was a good day, and that in its self will give me something to cling on too for the rest of the week.

Black dress/Red dress

Like most people I enjoy a good bank holiday but unlike most people I usually have to work straight through them.These mysterious extra chill days have eluded me for at least a year now but finally I’m now in a job where I get them off (hallelujah).

I get that exited by the prospect of an actual night out compared to just a few quick drinks after work that I usually started planning and prepping a whole week early.
Now even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes I always feel like I have nothing to wear so usually end up taking myself shopping.

I don’t really know quite what I want when I go shopping for a night out but I do know two things for certain;

It will be a dress.

It will be black.

I don’t have a problem with colour, I have a problem with colour on me.

I just don’t like it.
The idea of a print or a pattern (unless it’s stripes) horrifies me to the point of a nervous breakdown.
No matter what I’m shopping for I always look at black first, closely followed by grey/navy/white.
I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning and always prefer to be faced with a neutral pallet to speed things along. My friends call me boring but I like to think of it as simplistic.

On this note, I set myself a challenge last bank holiday to try and find a coloured dress to shock my friends and break my no colour rule (cue sweaty palms and heart palpitations in Topshop).

After much debating, three coffee breaks and nearly shedding a tear in Zara’s changing rooms I found a dress I didn’t half mind.

My first thought was “this would be so much better in black”.

It was a mid length, bodycon dress with a rather low neckline for me from Miss Selfridges. And it was red, a colour at last!

I took myself off home with a massive smile on my face, unbelievably proud of my accomplishment. Me, with a wardrobe a goth would be proud of, had a dress that was red.

On the actual night of the bank holiday I spent longer than usual getting ready and walked out the door thinking I actually looked pretty damn good.

I spent the whole night panicking that everyone was staring at me and my very colourful red dress and could barley relax. Irrational anxiety? Yes most definitely but it taught me a very important lesson.


Not to me at least.

My love for a dark neutral pallet might be a safe bet but it keeps me damn happy.

I have colourful bags and shoes, they are my ‘fun’ things when it comes to getting dressed.

With my clothes, give me a blackout.

Snap shots from Ibiza

At the start of the summer my friends and I went for a week in Ibiza.

None of us had ever been before and if I’m honest I’d never really considered myself to be an ‘Ibiza’ person. I’m not big in to clubbing and my idea of beach accessories are sun cream and a book.

We went ahead and booked it after a few glasses of red wine and decided to stay in the quiet resort of Santa Eulalia and it was perfect, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and cheap beer. Don’t get me wrong we went across to the party side of the island and had an amazing time but I loved the fact that I could go home and sleep!

Whilst we were over we went diving  went to the hippy markets and went to the beautiful island of Formentera. As well as eating a hell of a lot of sea food and drinking our fair share of Spanish beer and red wine.

When it comes to photos I prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, heres just a few of the beautiful sights I saw….














The Stunning Hippy markets, get a taxi and go early to the Wednesday market, Punta Arabí, in Es Caná.

Formentera, it honestly looks like you’ve stepped on to a beach in the Caribbean.
To make the most of your day get an early boat from Ibiza town to the island and then walk over to Playa Illetes via the sand dunes and the salt pits in the morning, it’s not far maybe 30-40 mins to walk but very picturesque. Take a light picnic to eat on the beach and then for dinner, don’t make a plan,  just ask any of the locals what they recomend that week.









One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, I’ll definitely be going back.

Freebies, Science, Beauty and Post-Poo Drops

I’m a self confessed beauty product junkie, fully addicted, way past the point of any return.

One of my favourite things in life is freebies. I pull samples out of magazines, beg for them at beauty counters and just collect them everywhere I go.

Recently I went to one of my favourite shops in Nottingham, Rough Trade, its a one stop shop for all of your music wants and need with some brilliant books and trinkets chucked in for good measure.

I’d only popped in for a look but as usual came out with a book (actually two). But one of the nicest surprises was that in the bottom of my bag, with my two new books, was a small collections of samples from a brand I knew nothing about.


Since Googling the brand and trying one of goodies (Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser with lavender stem, white clay and chamomile bud made my skin feel amazing), now I’m just gutted that I haven’t found this brand before!

Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987. The brand marries botanical ingredients with advanced technology, their products are developed to complement a balanced lifestyle, and help counteract the impact of the elements. Anti-oxidant ingredients are present in the majority of their skin care products AND they are a firm advocate in a moderate intake of red wine, what more could you ask for?


The sight is both beautiful and easy to navigate filled with lots of exiting content sure as this beautiful video;

Morph, is a collaboration with Australian Lucy McRae. Merging science and beauty to create this beautiful short film it is “an allusion to the philosophy and Aesop formulas”.

I have ended up buying the Body Cleansing Slab as I’m a sucker for Bergamot so I’m looking forward to its arrival.

The bottles themselves look amazing, I want to cover my bathroom in them, if the lads in my house don’t sort out their acts it might have to be the Post-Poo Drops from their second collaboration with A.P.C.

Cooking has never been so cool

Spending time in the kitchen has honestly never been as chic. 

 Every single person I know Instagrams their food, I must get at least four pictures a week sent directly to me by friends and family showing off what they’ve created. And now we’ve entered an age where instead of middle aged men and older ladies being the superstars of this industry (sorry Mary Berry) its young, cool and incredibly fashionable bloggers like Ella Woodward of ‘Deliciously Ella’ or the unbelievably cool Hemsley sisters of Hemsley & Hemsley. 

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are currently my favourite team in the kitchen. The Vogue contributors say that they are “a London based family bossiness for people who want to live healthier and more energised lives”. Want some major envy, go look at their Instagram.

Thanks to them, I’ve gotten quite in to spiralizing my vegetables and using them in salads and soups or instead of pasta and noodles. 

I had bought one of the contraptions online (eBay) but the damn thing never arrived so I’ve been using my Mothers every time I go up to visit. Now this palaver just can’t go on, so I’ve gone back online a bought this beauty from amazon;


It was priced at £29.95, which for me is pretty expensive for a kitchen toy but with all the recipes around I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting my moneys worth.


I also decided to get The Hemsley sisters cookbook (my poor friends and family are going to be getting lots of foodie snaps in the coming weeks). The first thing I am wanting to try is the very hyped up Bone Broth. “It’s delicious, soothing and easy to make,” the sisters have been quoted as saying. “Nutritionally, it’s a champion all-rounder, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin.”

Now I don’t think you need to buy the cook book just for that one recipe (please just google it) but I am looking forward to getting back in the kitchen with my new toy and new book. Lord help anyone who follows me on Instagram. 

Fashion, Culture and Life

Take for example a perfect triangle, as it might be described by a mathematician.

If we can conceive the Idea or Form of a perfect triangle in our mind, then the Idea of Triangle must exist.

This is Tri