Been busy//Been absent 

Oscar and Rosie’s, Nottingham

DOG E Brew Dog

Nottingham Donut Company

Five Guys (my first ever one!)


Replica Jesus

Cocktails at The Wonky Table 

Deserts at Cosy Club

Beers in the sun

Thai food from Papaya Thai

Posh lunching at Pierres

Wrestling at the fair

HOPE wrestling 



Mothers Ruin

I recently went to a Gin tasting night but I have a secret, I don’t like Gin.

I know shocking. It seems to have become everyone’s go to drink, there has literally been a Gin revolution but I just haven’t jumped on board.

I went along slightly apprehensive and to the horror of the rest of the group told my dirty secret that I didn’t like Gin.

Honestly from the reaction I got you’d have thought I had just offered to kick one of their children in the face.

As the night continued I began to come around to some of the Gins and realise they wherent that bad. Or it could have been the fact that all the tasting Gins where served in 50ml measures.

Either way I learnt something. Gin is not that bad and if I was ever stuck in a hipster Gin bar there’s one or two I could drink.

Also the rumours it dosent give you a hangover are a lie.

HIDE burger / Derby


With burger places on every street corner now doing every topping you could think of it’s getting hard to stand out in the burger crowd.

Visited HIDE on a Thursday evening, didn’t book but if you are planning on making a trip there I’d recommend booking as there isn’t many seats.

It was just the second night of the new menu launch when we went, a simple menu but all of it very tempting.

I had the Chilli burger..

..and my partner had the Hide burger.

Both came with rosemary fries but we did order a side of onion rings to share. Be warned, the onion rings are HUGE!

I’d been told such good things about this place that I did have a panic that it wouldn’t meet my expectations but thank fuck I didn’t have to worry.

Our food came out quickly but not so fast that I worried it had been microwaved. My burger was full to bursting with meat as was my partners and silence descended on our table for a good ten minutes whilst we wolfed them down.

The onion rings had been deep fried but stayed on the right side of greasy AND they stayed together when bit in too.

The deserts and cocktails all looked pretty inviting but unfortunately we were way too stuffed! I will be wanting to try a root beer float next time.

There’s a good selection of drinks and by the looks of it a regular rotation of guest beers.

We washed everything down with good beer from two of our favourite breweries and rolled ourselves outta there with massive smiles on our faces.

If your fed up of chains, burgers being served on donuts, more toppings you could shake a stick at then literally “follow the herd” down to hide.


London Town 2K16

St. Patrick’s day parade 

Voodoo Ray’s Pizza with Beavertown beer 

Easily the best pizza in the whole of London.

Stupidly glad I can get this beer back home.

Taco Tuesday’s 

V&A Children’s museum 

Rainbow beigel’s and graffiti on brick lane

Everything else…


HECK/Rescue Rooms Nottingham 

Visited Rescue Rooms in Nottingham last night for the album launch of HECK, The Instructions tour.

These Nottingham guys use to be called Baby Godzilla and from the amount of band t-shirts in the crowd with the pervious name, you can tell they’ve had a strong following since the beginning.

I’m not a metal head but these guys are awesome. Their stage presence is phenomenal, they spent a large portion of the gig in the crowd with the fans, crawling up on too the balcony and pretty much giving who ever does the health and safety for the venue a heart attack.

Big shout out to Raketkanon too.

This Belgian punk noise-rock foursome are completely mesmerising to watch and sing half of their stuff in a language they’ve made up. 

I drank  Beavertown beer and danced like no one was watching.

Finished the night off with a trip to Taco Bell before heading to bed    



 stinking and with my ears ringing but happy.

HECKs tour kicks off tomorrow and there’s still tickets available.