IVY Park 14/04/16

I’m a sucker for celebrity collections. 

Yes I am one on those people who cues up at 5am on a cold November morning to get the latest H&M X inserthotdesignersnamehere and god damn it I am not ashamed of it.

The latest one to drop is going to be Beyonces sport and fitness line, IVY PARK. It’s been a long time coming with rumours starting all the was back in 2014. It appears that Beyonces been using her time wisely with a reported collection of over 200 pieces and with the bottoms coming in three different rises; low rise (I), mid rise (V) and high rise (Y).

So far all the press photos that I’ve seen released have been stunning. Ok so it might not make me run straight out to the gym (I still haven’t tried yoga and have been in a grand total of three runs so far this year) but if I do decide to work out then at least I can look hot whilst doing it yeah?

Take a look at the trailer here.

More than likely, I’m going to inject the bit I buy and put them in to my day to day wardrobe. I want the logo crop top to wear under a loose low White tshirt.

I’m also lusting after the grey logo hoodie and the head band (you know incase I do go for a run to keep the hair out of my eyes?).

So far I’m struggling to find a full look book or prices in just hoping Beyonce doesn’t go down the route of Balmain X H&M who up’d their prices for the last collaboration much to the annoyance of many customers.




The collection in the UK will be avalible from the following stock lists;


JD Sports 



The whole lot goes on sale on the 14th of April so not long to wait but in the meantime check out the increadably stylish website; IVY Park.


Black dress/Red dress

Like most people I enjoy a good bank holiday but unlike most people I usually have to work straight through them.These mysterious extra chill days have eluded me for at least a year now but finally I’m now in a job where I get them off (hallelujah).

I get that exited by the prospect of an actual night out compared to just a few quick drinks after work that I usually started planning and prepping a whole week early.
Now even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes I always feel like I have nothing to wear so usually end up taking myself shopping.

I don’t really know quite what I want when I go shopping for a night out but I do know two things for certain;

It will be a dress.

It will be black.

I don’t have a problem with colour, I have a problem with colour on me.

I just don’t like it.
The idea of a print or a pattern (unless it’s stripes) horrifies me to the point of a nervous breakdown.
No matter what I’m shopping for I always look at black first, closely followed by grey/navy/white.
I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning and always prefer to be faced with a neutral pallet to speed things along. My friends call me boring but I like to think of it as simplistic.

On this note, I set myself a challenge last bank holiday to try and find a coloured dress to shock my friends and break my no colour rule (cue sweaty palms and heart palpitations in Topshop).

After much debating, three coffee breaks and nearly shedding a tear in Zara’s changing rooms I found a dress I didn’t half mind.

My first thought was “this would be so much better in black”.

It was a mid length, bodycon dress with a rather low neckline for me from Miss Selfridges. And it was red, a colour at last!

I took myself off home with a massive smile on my face, unbelievably proud of my accomplishment. Me, with a wardrobe a goth would be proud of, had a dress that was red.

On the actual night of the bank holiday I spent longer than usual getting ready and walked out the door thinking I actually looked pretty damn good.

I spent the whole night panicking that everyone was staring at me and my very colourful red dress and could barley relax. Irrational anxiety? Yes most definitely but it taught me a very important lesson.


Not to me at least.

My love for a dark neutral pallet might be a safe bet but it keeps me damn happy.

I have colourful bags and shoes, they are my ‘fun’ things when it comes to getting dressed.

With my clothes, give me a blackout.

So many nail polishes, not enough time.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a bit of a thing for nail polish, always have.

When I was younger it was all about the nail art and Barry M. I was the first person in school to have false nails on and god did I love it.

I’ve been hooked from a very young age but as I’ve gotten older my taste in nail polish has become more refined and I find myself obsessed with Chanel polishes. Its not just the colours that I love but the formulas just seem to go on and last so much better than any other brand I’ve used and I’m sorry but the bottles are just so damn pretty on my shelve. Its also clear that I’m not the only one who’s in love with them, if you look at the number of phone cases you can find on sites such as Etsy or eBay, its clear that Chanel polishes have gained quite a cult following.

The current number I own is eight but over the past few years I’ve owned quite a few. I love it when they bring out the limited additions and seasonal colours; from the Chanel Reverie Parisienne le Veris Spring 2015 collection I’m obsessing over Tenderly 641.

They released three for the Spring 2015;

Désirio 643


Désirio is a beautiful deep pinky-red shade with just a little bit of a shimmer to it. If you look closely you can see that its actually a blue shimmer which Chanel does quite a lot, it aparently helps to add depth to the colour. Lets just say it works. Although the colours great I think it’s a little to bit too simelar to one of their other shades April 533.

Paradisio 645


Paradisio is a beautiful silvery green shade, its just the right touch of frosty that Chanel does so well with out stearing off in to being a 1997 reject. Unfortunatly for me frosty is very touch and go, I don’t mind it in the darker shades but you need accuracy and speed to pull it off with the lighter shades, unfortunatly its just not for me.

Tenderly 641


Tenderly is most definitely the winner for me. I love how subtle the colour is and I know with my wardrobe of mainly neutral colours it will pop perfectly. It’s the right shade of lilac/plum to have a nod to the pastel shades that come out every spring but without being too chalky or too childish. I’m dying to add it to my collection oh and just if anyone was wondering it’s my birthday next week and yes this is the perfect present!

Unfortunately as with all of the limited collections Chanel do, it’s sold very quickly. Your best bet would be to go down to your nearest Chanel counter to see if you can grab on of these beauties but if you don’t have one nearby to you keep an eye on Selfridges website as they seem to be the quickest at restocking them

High Vs Low, The Valentino Debate.

Ever since AW10 I’ve been lusting after a pair of Valentino rockstuds, but my issue has always been which pair to buy
When I say which pair I don’t mean what colour combination, from the classic black and pink to the dazzling neon collections they’ve been produced in I’ve loved them all. No, when I say which pair I mean which height, the completely flat pump or the 4inch heels.

The 2.5inch kitten heel does not even come in to the equation for two reasons

1. I just can not stand a kitten heel. I don’t care how classy it may be or how chić, I just can’t stand them. A good friend and I have an iron strong clause in our friendship where if one party is seen to be wearing a kitten heel, the other party may disown them, indefinitely.
2. I just can’t walk in kitten heels. I don’t know why but when I have them on my feet I turn in to Bambi on ice, zero co-ordination. Admittedly I have only ever tried on two pairs of kitten heels, the rockstuds and a beautiful peach, pointed toe pair from Prada.

Either way, I don’t do a kitten heel.

Back to the original conundrum, my internal debate when it comes to buying heels and flats is one that always plagues me.

I love heels, I love the way they look both on and off my feet, I love the way they can magically transform the humble jeans and t-shirt combo in to something much more and bizarrely I even love the sensation you get in the balls of your feet after a long night of dancing away in them.
Now don’t get me wrong, I can walk in heels, even run in them after a few glasses of red or if there’s a train to catch. But the issue is I do a lot of walking and undoubtedly heels do slow me down. And I know if I do go for the heel I’ll want to be wearing them all the time for the first few weeks thus resulting in many occasions running for the train.

Then buy the flats I hear you cry, this is quite logical. I could walk in them at my normal pace, they are incredibly chić especially when worn with cigarette pants or a shorter skirt and there suitable to go straight from work to a bar or dinner due to them not being your average pair of pumps.

But I’m quite small in height and don’t always feel quite right if I’m not in heels especially if I’m out or at an event. I’ll never gain that modelsque height but the number of my friend who are always shocked at how small I really am when I take my heels off is a testimony to how much of a heels devote I am!

I have this debate with myself every season and could have easily have just (saved up and) bought both by now resulting in me not having this debate but that’s sensible and sensibility is not an attribute I possess in great quantities. Non the less 2015 is going to be the year of the Rockstuds for me, a pair will be in my possession, I just don’t know which ones…..