Make mine a beer

I’ve never been a big beer drinker, I’ve always thought beer was just, well, beer?

Recently I have been shown the error of my ways and introduced to some pretty amazing brewery’s. 

I’m pretty late to the whole craft beer hype but here’s my top four favourite brewery’s and some of their offerings.

1. Beavertown 

Easily taking my top spot, I haven’t actually disliked any of their offerings and the packaging is insanely cool!

2. Brewdog 

With 44 bars nation wide it’s hard not to have noticed these guys and their ethos is spot on.

If your quick you can still become a share holder with Equity for Punks but you’ll have to be quick as they only release a small amount of shares each time.

Punk IPA is my current fave from these lot.

3. Derby Brewing Company

I’m lucky enough to live close to two of the pubs these guys own so I get to taste a lot of their offerings.

A family run micro brewery who are clearly getting it all right.

4. Magic Rock Brewing 

 I havent tried much from this particular brewery but I recently got to try un-human cannonball and have been blown away.

Made with fresh hops and a short shelf life that carries a warning to drink as quickly as possible.


The bottle itself is just way to cool to throw away so will probably become a base for the non existent flowers I intend to buy for myself!

Next thing I’m trying is a milk stout which I won’t lie I still have my reservations on but with all the weird and wonderful things I now know about beer nothing’s too far fetched.


One thought on “Make mine a beer

  1. Hi. Glad to hear you’re a convert to the world of craft. Beavertown’s beers are excellent, Gamma Ray was the beer that turned me on to Craft. I’d recommend you give Buxton a whirl as well if you get chance I had Wild Boar IPA last night and was excellent and probably the 5th beer in a row from them that I’ve loved.


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