HECK/Rescue Rooms Nottingham 

Visited Rescue Rooms in Nottingham last night for the album launch of HECK, The Instructions tour.

These Nottingham guys use to be called Baby Godzilla and from the amount of band t-shirts in the crowd with the pervious name, you can tell they’ve had a strong following since the beginning.

I’m not a metal head but these guys are awesome. Their stage presence is phenomenal, they spent a large portion of the gig in the crowd with the fans, crawling up on too the balcony and pretty much giving who ever does the health and safety for the venue a heart attack.

Big shout out to Raketkanon too.

This Belgian punk noise-rock foursome are completely mesmerising to watch and sing half of their stuff in a language they’ve made up. 

I drank  Beavertown beer and danced like no one was watching.

Finished the night off with a trip to Taco Bell before heading to bed    



 stinking and with my ears ringing but happy.

HECKs tour kicks off tomorrow and there’s still tickets available.


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