Black dress/Red dress

Like most people I enjoy a good bank holiday but unlike most people I usually have to work straight through them.These mysterious extra chill days have eluded me for at least a year now but finally I’m now in a job where I get them off (hallelujah).

I get that exited by the prospect of an actual night out compared to just a few quick drinks after work that I usually started planning and prepping a whole week early.
Now even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes I always feel like I have nothing to wear so usually end up taking myself shopping.

I don’t really know quite what I want when I go shopping for a night out but I do know two things for certain;

It will be a dress.

It will be black.

I don’t have a problem with colour, I have a problem with colour on me.

I just don’t like it.
The idea of a print or a pattern (unless it’s stripes) horrifies me to the point of a nervous breakdown.
No matter what I’m shopping for I always look at black first, closely followed by grey/navy/white.
I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning and always prefer to be faced with a neutral pallet to speed things along. My friends call me boring but I like to think of it as simplistic.

On this note, I set myself a challenge last bank holiday to try and find a coloured dress to shock my friends and break my no colour rule (cue sweaty palms and heart palpitations in Topshop).

After much debating, three coffee breaks and nearly shedding a tear in Zara’s changing rooms I found a dress I didn’t half mind.

My first thought was “this would be so much better in black”.

It was a mid length, bodycon dress with a rather low neckline for me from Miss Selfridges. And it was red, a colour at last!

I took myself off home with a massive smile on my face, unbelievably proud of my accomplishment. Me, with a wardrobe a goth would be proud of, had a dress that was red.

On the actual night of the bank holiday I spent longer than usual getting ready and walked out the door thinking I actually looked pretty damn good.

I spent the whole night panicking that everyone was staring at me and my very colourful red dress and could barley relax. Irrational anxiety? Yes most definitely but it taught me a very important lesson.


Not to me at least.

My love for a dark neutral pallet might be a safe bet but it keeps me damn happy.

I have colourful bags and shoes, they are my ‘fun’ things when it comes to getting dressed.

With my clothes, give me a blackout.


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