Twenty Sixteen 

So it’s a New Year. 
And like many other people I have decided to make a list of New Years Resolution. They might be a little cliche but here goes anyway.

1. I want to start reading more.

I continually have a book on the go but regularly settle down to a night of Netflix and watch a full series of some miscellaneous American TV show which nobody else has seen. I’m not saying that I’ll stop completely (I really enjoyed The Originals and can’t wait for series three to appear, Netflix if you can hear me come on!) but I’m setting myself a task of reading twelve books this year, we’ll call it one a month.

I’ve started off with the Sunday Times best seller ‘Reasons to stay alive’ by Matt Haig. It’s the authors story of his life with depression and how he learned to live again. I’m only on page 59 and I’ve already shed a tear (or two).

2. I want to start taking better care of myself.

Yeah this is more of a traditional one, loose weight, eat better, blah blah blah (I told you they’d be cliche).

Bit of a boring one but none the less, I’m getting older now and I think it’s time I started to put down some golden rules before I hit my 30’s.
I’m a smoker, which is bad I know. I’ve been wanting to quit for a while now but just haven’t done anything. This is my year to do it, not sure how but I will!
I have no exercise routine. 

Last year I was a member of a gym which I didn’t mind going to but never did it regularly, I ended up cancelling my membership as I just wasn’t going enough to justify paying £20 a month on it. I’d love to be one of these people who has a passion for yoga or enjoys spin classes but I’ve just never got in to anything. I’m going to start giving things a go, which will be pushing myself waaaaaay out of my comfort zone but hell, the extra pounds are creeping on and I like pizza to much to just sit on my ass watching Netflix each evening!

I’m going to start going for walks and building them up in to runs (baby steps), see if I can get this elusive runners high I keep hearing about. I’ve also been having a look on YouTube and found some fantastic beginners yoga tutorials, if anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears.
I need to start looking after my skin.

I’m a complete product junkie but have no routine and I don’t think my constant chopping and changing of products or my sporadic use of a face mask is going to be doing my skin any good.

I also regularly don’t take my make up off at night, I know, cardinal sin.

I never wear a lot of make up which I think is my saving grace but again noes the time when I do need to get in to some good habits.

3. I need to learn how to drive.

I’m heading towards 30 at an alarming pace and have always managed to come up with a justifiable excuse on why I don’t need to drive.

No more excuses.

My youngest sister is just about to turn 17 and if she passes before me I will never hear the end of it! 
I could think of a million more things I’d like to achieve this year but I think these three are my top ones. 
I better get reading this book! 

Also how chic is my new diary? You can buy it from Naiise, which is a beautiful Singaporean company! 


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