High Vs Low, The Valentino Debate.

Ever since AW10 I’ve been lusting after a pair of Valentino rockstuds, but my issue has always been which pair to buy
When I say which pair I don’t mean what colour combination, from the classic black and pink to the dazzling neon collections they’ve been produced in I’ve loved them all. No, when I say which pair I mean which height, the completely flat pump or the 4inch heels.

The 2.5inch kitten heel does not even come in to the equation for two reasons

1. I just can not stand a kitten heel. I don’t care how classy it may be or how chić, I just can’t stand them. A good friend and I have an iron strong clause in our friendship where if one party is seen to be wearing a kitten heel, the other party may disown them, indefinitely.
2. I just can’t walk in kitten heels. I don’t know why but when I have them on my feet I turn in to Bambi on ice, zero co-ordination. Admittedly I have only ever tried on two pairs of kitten heels, the rockstuds and a beautiful peach, pointed toe pair from Prada.

Either way, I don’t do a kitten heel.

Back to the original conundrum, my internal debate when it comes to buying heels and flats is one that always plagues me.

I love heels, I love the way they look both on and off my feet, I love the way they can magically transform the humble jeans and t-shirt combo in to something much more and bizarrely I even love the sensation you get in the balls of your feet after a long night of dancing away in them.
Now don’t get me wrong, I can walk in heels, even run in them after a few glasses of red or if there’s a train to catch. But the issue is I do a lot of walking and undoubtedly heels do slow me down. And I know if I do go for the heel I’ll want to be wearing them all the time for the first few weeks thus resulting in many occasions running for the train.

Then buy the flats I hear you cry, this is quite logical. I could walk in them at my normal pace, they are incredibly chić especially when worn with cigarette pants or a shorter skirt and there suitable to go straight from work to a bar or dinner due to them not being your average pair of pumps.

But I’m quite small in height and don’t always feel quite right if I’m not in heels especially if I’m out or at an event. I’ll never gain that modelsque height but the number of my friend who are always shocked at how small I really am when I take my heels off is a testimony to how much of a heels devote I am!

I have this debate with myself every season and could have easily have just (saved up and) bought both by now resulting in me not having this debate but that’s sensible and sensibility is not an attribute I possess in great quantities. Non the less 2015 is going to be the year of the Rockstuds for me, a pair will be in my possession, I just don’t know which ones…..


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